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Our sight tests also include a full  health check of your eyes

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Eye tests for children

Eye Examinations

During your eye examination we will determine the best adjusted prescription to aid your vision. We will take into account any special requirements you have and allow you to see the benefits of the new prescription we have found compared to your old one.

We also check the general health of your eyes, testing for any ongoing or potential problems. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times during the test and we will ask of any concerns that you have regarding your vision. We can also refer you to any other medical professionals that are needed to solve any problems you are having.

VDU Assesments

If you spend a lot of time using a computer then your vision can become affected, there is a delicate balance of specialised components of the eye and brain that work together to allow us to see. Prolonged use of screens can alter this delicate balance. Our opticians will ask you questions related to this issue and discover if there are any problems. The good news is your employer may fund the eye examination for you if you are working on a screen for a long time. Please ask your employer for details of funding for eye tests.

Childrens Eyecare

Your vision is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, Andrew Care our proud to offer free Eye Examinations for children, and if required free frames and lenses funded by the NHS. It is essential that children receive regular eye examinations to ensure they have up to date corrections to their prescription and also that any potential medical conditions or disease are found early to give the best chance of successful treatment. We have a large range of childrens glasses to choose from so we are confident we can give your child the best chance at better sight.

Key Pricing

Private Eye Exam: £35